• 10 things every loreto extrovert will relate to

    We feel responsible for awkward silence

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      Do you like new company? Does attending a big social event leave your senses stimulated? If the answers are yes, then you’re an extrovert. Extroverts are merely exuberant beings, who channelize their energy from people around them. Unlike the introverts, these minglers are the life and soul of every party. Often reckoned to be...
  • 9 memes that are ruling 2017

    #dankmemes #memesdaily

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      In 2016 memes took over the internet by storm. Is 2017 a better year than its predecessor? Absolutely! 2017 has been great so far in terms of meme generations, provoking laughter or capturing some wave of emotion within the culture. We had our ups and downs, but luckily for memes, it got us through...
  • The Loreto Broke students, we understand you.

    Maggi is a way of life

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    College life, in all seriousness, is a wonderful part of our entire life, where responsibilities are negligible and redundant. We laugh, love, fight but most importantly we create memories that stay with us forever. However, those of us who have survived those three years (or more) in college will understand that these are also the...