10 times your Parents Weren’t Truthful to you!

Sure parents are right all the time about everything but there are a handful of things they keep hidden from us!

Remember the answer you got when you asked them how you were born?! And when they called you their favourite child (oh please!). We might have believed them then but we sure now know the truth! Below listed are 10 times when they were not entirely truthful to us.

  1. 1 How you were born?!


    "Mom, how was I born?" 

    "We wished to have a cute little baby and God sent you to us!"

    This is the kind of answer we all received at some point in our lives. But when we got to know the truth....well, Janice's reaction explains it all! 

  2. 2 Life after college is CHILL.


    No, it's not. Life is never "chill". Not after school, not after college, not even when you have a job. NEVER. 

  3. 3 You can share "everything" with us.


    Yeah, right. This is nothing but a modest way of saying ' we want to know everything about you but will approve of nothing'. And they actually believe us to share everything with them. Duh. 

  4. 4 Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy wealthy and wise.


    Parents won't ever understand the importance of sleep in our lives. It's like they don't get it. I tried the early-sleeping-early-waking thing, I was neither healthy nor wealthy and definitely not wise. Sleeping is bliss Dad! You should try it.

  5. 5 You're the sweetest of all!


    Mom, we all know who your favourite child is. Stop lying to my face. 

    :cries in corner: 

  6. 6 Just tell us the truth we won't scold you.


    This is the biggest lie of all! I'll have to say they have some convincing power to take the truth out of our stomach. But that's just cruel! You promised you won't scold.

  7. 7 Let the guests leave, there's plenty of food in the kitchen.


    :enters kitchen: "Mom, where's the food?"

    "There were none left." 

    Never felt more betrayed. 

  8. 8 We never used to do that when we were your age...


    Somehow all of their arguments start with "when I was of your age". We know you did it too, thanks to grandparents! 

  9. 9 I was never picky about food.


    "We used to eat whatever was served to us." Okay. First of all, so many options didn't exist then. And second, granny said when it came to food, you threw tantrums like a little girl.  

  10. 10 If you look carefully, you might find God.


    Emptied my wardrobe. Couldn't find the other pair of sock. 

    Talk about finding God!

    Lesson learnt. Watch out for those lies the next time!

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