Cuteness Alert: 5 Adorable Hijab Styles For College Girls

Coz hijab is the new style. Boho chic!

Hijab. This very word conjures up an image of a beautiful Muslim lady with a pretty scarf tied around her head. It is an amazing practice of elevating a girl’s beauty by covering the most beautiful part of a girl (as per societal standards), i.e., her hair. According to Islamic tradition, it is a symbol of modesty. Women wear hijab as a way of fulfilling their commandement to God to protect their modesty.

Hijab has successfully made way into regular fashion. The fashion police has started paying attention to it as more and more girls are wearing it fearlessly. Hence, we obviously had to give you some of the supercute hijab styles for college girls.

  1. 1 Simple hijab

    Running late for college? Snoozed your alarm a lot many times? Solution- wear the easiest of all hijabs. It looks great with all dresses and can be done with in just a few minutes.

  2. 2 The funky one

    Flaunt your fashion style with a ties knot hijab. Go for a turban hijab style with the same color as your outfit, and rock it on all occasions.

  3. 3 The flow

    So you have got a beautiful printed scarf, but worried over the fact that the print cannot be showed off. Well, problem solved. Wear your hijab a different way. Spread the hijab to a corner and let the rest fall on the chest.

  4. 4 The accessorized hijab

    Fond of hair accessories? Don’t know how to wear it with a hijab? Worry not. Glam up your hijab look with beautiful jewellery and accessory. Add sparkle to your headdress and look beautiful.

  5. 5 Arabic hijab

    Arab women really love to pump up the volume when it comes to their hijab fashion. Follow the Arabic style of tying hijab- high hair updos and wrap the scarf several times around the neck to add up to the layers.

    Now that you know these super cool ways of wearing a hijab. What are you waiting for?

    Hope this stylish inspiration helps you.

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