Remembering Stephen Hawking- 11 Quotes by him to inspire you think BIG

He might have been disabled by the body, but not by his attitude. He was hands down one of the most influencing figures of the decade.

The Big Bang Theory calls him The Wheelchair Dude, the world calls him an inspiration. Physicist Stephen Hawking was given two years to live when he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 1963. 

He died on Wednesday morning.

He sure is one person which most of us would aspire to be and also follow his footsteps. Here are 11 amazing handpicked quotes of his, to drive you into a fresh new perspective on life.

  1. 1 People cause the fear and not God.

  2. 2 Destiny plays its role.

  3. 3 Everything can be achieved.

  4. 4 Set your aims straight.

  5. 5 Make your work speak.

  6. 6 Challenge your limits.

  7. 7 Future finds its way from the present.

  8. 8 Find your own path.

  9. 9 Know it all.

  10. 10 Focus on important issues.

  11. 11 Freedom is not physical.

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